Bio Organic Granules

Bio Organic Granules

We offer two types of bio organic granules. One is humic acid granule and other is seaweed granules.

  • Humic Acid - PL Power G

    Humic Acid - PL Power G

    Its a unique researched product of PL Agro Technologies. It contains 50-55% humic acid and improves metabolic activity. It improves soil texture, soil porosity, aeration etc.It improves the humus content in soil. It helps in drought resistance. The granules are uniform in size and can be used in drip irrigation.


    • Improves the use efficiency of the chemical fertilizer
    • Improves the humus content in soil.
    • Improves drought and stress resistance.
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  • Seaweed Granules - PL Nutrizyme G

    Seaweed Granules - PL Nutrizyme G

    It is a granular fertilizer derived from superior seaweed extract and formulated with soybean cake which contains essential minerals and amino acids. The fertilizer we offer is enriched with plant growth hormones, macro and micro nutrients, minerals, anti-oxidants and organic acids. This granular fertilizer is mainly used in organic farming and sustainable agriculture. It is a good soil conditioner and increases the water holding capacity of the soil. It is a complete natural product and can be used for applications like field crops, potting soil, vegetables, flower gardens, orchards and turf trees. We offer these seaweed granules in air tight containers so as to preserve its hygroscopic features.


    • Acts as a soil conditioner and promotes good soil structure
    • Stimulates seed germination
    • Chemically works as a buffering agent
    • It is a food source for microorganisms
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