Agricultural bio-stimulants are some of the oldest used inputs in agriculture. They are naturally derived fertilizer additives for crop production. We offer refined and improved bio-stimulants which enhance the growing condition for plants. They improve the stress resistance in healthier plants. Our bio-stimulants are 100% organic.

  • Humic Acid - Formula 15+

    Humic Acid - Formula 15+

    It is organic water soluble humic acid. Formula 15+ is derived from natural resources which aid plant growth. It also increases crop yield. It protects the crop from the harmful effect of pests and diseases. It encourages the nutrient uptake by the crops, helps the plants resist disease and pests, enhances stress resistance of the plant and improves capsule formation of the plant through more number of flowers.


    • Increases yield and quality of crops
    • Natural and environmental safe
    • Helps in faster germination of seeds
    • Activates the enzymatic action of the plant
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  • Seaweed Extract - PL Winner

    Seaweed Extract - PL Winner

    Seaweed extract is seaweed that is collected and made into liquid extract and used as a fertilizer. It is derived from sea algae called Ascophyllum Nodosum through a unique fermentation technology. It contains auxins and cytokinins. It is rich in micro nutrients, NPK and natural growth hormones. Our seaweed extract is a unique formulation developed by our expert team. It is 100% natural and boosts the immune system in plants biologically. It helps in plant growth, flowering and fruit setting. It improves the colour, quality and weight of the produce. It can also be used for seed treatment to eliminate the stress conditions of the plant during transplantation. It is compatible with most fungicides and pesticides. It is suitable for all crops and application including field crops, potting soil, vegetables, flower gardens, orchards and turf grass.


    • High in nutritional value
    • Promotes better root development and balanced growth of crops
    • Resistant to diseases
    • It improves color, weight and quality of the produce.
    • 100% biological derivative
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  • Brassinolide Powder – Amrut

    Brassinolide Powder – Amrut

    Brassinolide is a steroidal plant growth regulator. The main role of this powder is to increase the immunity of the plant so that it can withstand conditions like draught and cold. PL Agro Tech has been providing farming solutions since years and thus has come out with a natural brassinolide called Amrut. Just small quantities of amrut can work wonders and cause an increase in the yield of the crop. It also increases the pollen grain production and flowering. It delays crop maturity and increases the taste of the fruits. It is 100% biological and can be mixed with any insecticide or fungicide. We offer various packaging options. The standard packing is 5 sachets of five grams each in one small carton. It is most commonly used for plantation crops, flower crops, rice and pulses.


    • Promotes plant growth and increase in yield
    • Enhances the immunity of the plant
    • 100% biological derivative
    • Regulates uniform crop growth and also acts as internodal elongation.
    • Improves flowering and flower retention.
    • Delays crop maturity and improves taste of the fruits.
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  • Brassinolide Liquid - Apoorva SL

    Brassinolide Liquid - Apoorva SL

    Apoorva SL is a liquid brassinolide which is applied to plants by a spray process. It is an excellent bio-stimulant to increase fruit setting, promoting fruit enlargement and increasing the weight of the grain. It regulates the plant growth and increases the immunity of the plant. It yields best results when applied 5-10 days before harvest period to fruits, vegetables and flowers.


    • Regulates plant growth
    • Increases yield and improves quality
    • Makes the plant drought, cold and disease resistant
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  • Plant Growth Promoter - PL Vitafol

    Plant Growth Promoter - PL Vitafol

    PL Vitafol is a tailor made product from our R&D which works as a growth promoter and activator. It contains humic acid, seaweed substance, amino acids and micro elements. This bio-stimulant is extremely important for plant development, soil fertility and productivity. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and a fundamental compound of vegetable cells. At PL Agro we assure our clients that these bio-stimulants not only help in improving yield but also increase root development. It stimulates plant growth, fights stress, helps in fruit size boosting, improves soil fertility and improves root and shoot growth.


    • Helps in vegetative development and makes it stress resistant
    • Increases production and root development
    • Stress fighting bio-stimulant
    • Improves soil fertility
    • Beneficial effect on soil microflora
    • Improvement of the soil structure of the Rhizosphere
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