Foliar Fertilizer

Want to increase crop yield and plant health? Then choose from our wide range of foliar fertilizers. They are high grade fertilizers which are applied to the foliage in liquid form. It is rich in nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), potassium(K), Calcium (Ca) and other trace elements.

  • Foliar NPK Fertilizer - Basfoliar 19.19.19/13.40.13

    Foliar NPK Fertilizer - Basfoliar 19.19.19/13.40.13

    Basfoliar NPK series is a foliar fertilizer manufactured by Compo Expert, Germany. It is a 100% water soluble and contains trace elements in chelated forms. It is not a substitute for soil fertilization but acts as an additional component to plant growth. Our NPK fertilizers are free from sodium and chloride. It is miscible with virtually all the common plant protection products. It encourages more vegetative growth, gives more flowers and fruits, has an anti-oxidant effect and enhances stress resistance.

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  • Biostimulant - Basfoliar Algae

    Biostimulant - Basfoliar Algae

    It is a complete bio-stimulant produced by Compo Agro Chile Ltda. It is derived from sea weeds from Antarctica(Durvillea Antarctica) and contains essential minerals, phytohormones, vitamins and amino acids. It helps in improving the physiological structure of the cell. It activates the metabolism process and improves formations of phytoalexins. It helps the plant to fight stress in frost conditions, drought conditions, transplantation and also due to damage by the use of herbicide.

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  • Biostimulant - Basfoliar Kelp

    Biostimulant - Basfoliar Kelp

    It is a biostimulant based on natural Kelp (Ecklonia Maxima). It contains auxins, cytokinins, carbohydrates, proteins amino acids and vitamins. It is a product of Compo Expert, Germany. The cytoplasmic extraction is obtained by cold micronization process under strict quality vigil. Basfoliar Kelp stimulates roots growth and fruit size, enhances plant establishment and development. It also increases the resistance of the plant.

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  • Calcium Fertilizer - Basfoliar CaSL

    Calcium Fertilizer - Basfoliar CaSL

    It is a liquid fertilizer rich in calcium (17%) manufactured by Compo Agro Chile Ltda. It is used to control physiological leaf spot, premature leaf-fall and bitter pit in apples. It also helps in cell wall thickening, improves the shelf life and firmness of fruits and prevents damage during transportation of fruits and vegetables. Calcium stimulates root and leaf development and forms compounds which are a part of cell walls. Basfoliar CaSL supplement improves the firmness and shelf life of fruits thus making them more marketable.

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  • Foliar Potash Fertilizer- Basfoliar K

    Foliar Potash Fertilizer- Basfoliar K

    It is a foliar fertilizer rich in Potassium (40%) manufactured by Compo Agro Chile Ltda. It contributes to carbohydrate(sugar) development and translocation. Basfoliar K is known to improve fruit colour, size and taste. It is sensitive to sunshine and thus helps in opening and closing of stomata. It is a remedy to treat potassium deficiency in crops which is most common on light, sandy soils having low clay content.

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