Micronutrient Fertilizer

Why Micronutrients:

Micronutrients are mineral elements which are essential for healthy plant growth. They are needed only in small quantities but are very essential in plant life cycle. Micronutrients are required when high yielding crops are cultivated, when there is high dosage of chemical fertilisers, reduced use of organic manure, poor soil conditions etc. We at PL Agro offer a wide range of micronutrients in basal, foliar and liquid form.

  • Micronutrient Basal - Subiksha

    Micronutrient Basal - Subiksha

    Subiksha is a micronutrient fertilizer for agricultural and horticultural crops. It is a mixture in which the micronutrients are blended in the appropriate proportion. Subiksha is manufactured using high quality raw materials and are marketed as per the recommendation of the department of agriculture for various agricultural and horticultural crops with specific ratio. Subiksha is suitable for all kinds of crops and helps in increasing the yields. It also helps improve the colour and flavour of the fruit and increases it in size and weight.


    • Corrects soil micronutrient deficiencies and improves soil fertility
    • Enhances root growth and water absorption capacity of the soil
    • Increases the resistant power of the crops against drought and wind
    • Constant increase in yield of tree crops
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  • Micronutrient Liquid - Axis 100

    Micronutrient Liquid - Axis 100

    Axis 100 is liquid micronutrient in partially chelated form for foliar application. The nutrients are readily available and rapidly absorbed by the foliage and root systems. The main application of this liquid is to correct deficiencies in agriculture crops. Axis 100 is applied throughout the growing season and protects the crops from diseases and stress. It corrects the sterility and malformed reproductive organs in crops. Axis 100 is non-phytotoxic and is compatible with almost all fungicides and insecticides.


    • Induces photosynthesis in crops
    • Stimulates the metabolism
    • Increases the activity of multiple enzymes
    • Provides better shoot growth
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  • Micronutrient - Force

    Micronutrient - Force

    Force is a foliar micronutrient fertilizer which is designed for use in all agriculture and horticulture crops. It helps to improve crop growth and yield and also improves the quality of the farm produce. It is compatible with most fungicides and insecticides. It is added to the soil during the critical growth stages of the crop during the coolest hours of the day. Force as foliar application, helps to deliver micronutrient directly to the plant system at critical growth stages for boosting yield and improving quality of the farm produce.


    • Corrects the micronutrient deficiency
    • Improves the quality of the soil and yield
    • Provides drought and disease resistance to crops
    • Involves in the process of chlorophyll formation
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