organic manure

Organic Manure

We are the pioneer manufacturers and exporters of organic fertilisers. Our registered brand Akshaya comes in two forms.

  • Akshaya Organic Manure

    Akshaya Organic Manure

    It is a well decomposed organic manure (humus) containing living microbes – mesophilic and thermophilic bacteria, useful fungi species and actinomycetes. The application of Akshaya not only adds micro organisms to the soil but also multiply those present by the fresh supply of humus material. It further helps the micro organisms to produce polysaccharites which build up better soil structure. Nitrogen fixation and phosphorus solubilisation are also improved due to the increased micro biological activity.


    • Enriches the soil
    • Improves fertility, texture and water holding capacity of the soil
    • Healthy plant growth and better yield
    • Destroys harmful bacteria and fungi
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  • Akshaya Plus Organic Manure

    Akshaya Plus Organic Manure

    Akshaya plus is a unique and complete organic manure that performs the twin jobs of organic manure and bio-fertilizer. It is rich in nitrogen fixing Azotobacter. It contains millions of biologically active living microbes which help improve soil fertility. Using Akshaya plus organic manure is cost effective and a time saving process as it contains all the ‘plus’ points of a bio-fertilizer and organic manure in one product. It is recommended for use on crops like pepper, orange, potato, tea, coffee, mulberry, ginger and nutmeg etc.


    • Combination of a bio-fertilizer and organic manure
    • Contains nitrogen fixing bacteria
    • Contains living microbes
    • Improves water holding capacity of the soil
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  • Fortified Organic Manure-PL Meal

    Fortified Organic Manure-PL Meal

    It is a fortified organic manure rich in N,P and K. It is made out of bone meal leather meal. It is an ideal organic manure for rubber, coconut and other plantation crops. We use high quality raw materials which ensures excellent results in the field.


    • Eco friendly soil for sustainable agriculture
    • Proven organic manure for plantation crops
    • Rich in nitrogen and phosphorus
    • Dependence on chemical fertiliser is reduced thereby increasing the life of the soil
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